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    v. To get high on both LSD and Ecstasy together.
    n. A trip induced by combining LSD and Ecstasy.

    The original term used for eating E and LSD at the same time, referencing the candy "e" giving you sweet feelings and the LSD *flipping your punk ass out!*

    When we went to those raves back in '90 and '91, a lot of people were candyflipping. The music was really fun to dance to and there weren't all these candy ravers and etards then.




Recorded, Mixed and Co Produced by Nathan Lee, creating this bitch saw 2 of us crash our cars, Julian lose his job and Rylie pay $1000 worth of fines.

It was worth it though it will fuck you harder than a freight train.

Guest organs from Dazza.

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released October 31, 2010


Rylie Davidson - Bass
Gabriel Borghino - Vocals, Guitars, Percussion, Piano
Mislav Belobrajdic - Lead guitar
Julian Moxonm - Drums

Guest Appearances: Daniel Nuerath - Organs

Engineered, Mixed and Co Produced by: Nathan Lee

Mastered by: Andrew Edgeson at Studios 301

Art & Direction: Tomas Artigas & James Haines

All music written by The Colt 44's

All lyrics written by Gabriel Borghino w/ collaboration from Rylie Davidson on "Feel It Like A Heart Attack"


Big thankyou to Nathan Lee for giving up his time and sanity to help us make this record. You're the reason this happened. Thankyou man. Tom for never answering his phone and making us look pretty. Dazza for lending his time and skillz. Our families and friends for their support. Lazy cops for letting us do drugs and you for buying the album. Thanks.



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The Colt 44s Sydney, Australia

A Sydney based band whose maniacal approach to everything rock and roll is the envy of every maximum security prisoner this side of Attica.

Consisting of Rylie on bass, Gabe on vocals and guitar, classical virtuoso and one time Miss Queensland winner Mislav on lead guitar and THE Bejazzled Merryman on drums and drug supply.
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Track Name: Cooks River Stomp
Over dosage of the hosts osmosis
The pelican’s belly cannot contract
The Driveby dragonfly has psychosis
Blackjack catfish are smoking crack

Fair is fowl, and fowl is fair
Hover through the fog and filthy air

Corpses are floating
So let’s go boating
Throw a rope in and see what you find
Fish are choking
Water’s smoking
Push your throat in and lose your mind

Clostridium Botulinum
Pernicious bog’s swamp smog’s killing the tree frog
Silver in the stomach lining
Sever Diethylamide prologue
Track Name: Candyflip
Candy has flipped and I'm not surprised
Got her self a pair of pristine amaurotic eyes
The man is her pimp, her soul he supplies
And everyone wants to grab a piece of the pie

Subtlety lost and
Essence accosted
Insurrection, exchanged for fame.
Mendacity glossed.
Whatever the cost.
When the world collapses,
You’ll know who to blame

So I don't want to be seditious
But I refuse to be a pawn in the game
And I don't want to be different
But I'll never change to be the same

Affluence's influence should not equate to ignorance.
I confess that recklessness is not something I can suppress.
Track Name: Fiends
Sweet senses erased and a dragon to chase right now.
Gone to the place that forever feels safe some how.
Middle class life has caused you so much strife it’s true.
Why deal with your fate when you can sedate and subdue.

Well I made my choice on the first of the month
When sold my sickness for a silver tongue
Coz it made more sense to laugh than learn
If the kamikaze pilot was always going to burn
If what you reap is what you sow
I’m glad to see you rotting in the bottom of your hole
They tried so hard to realise our dreams
Get wasted youth and perfidious fiends

Ripping off friends is now the latest trend around.
Bite hands that feed to indulge selfish needs that you’ve found.
And you’ll make amends if there is cash to lend so you swear.
But your hole is too deep and your debts are to steap for me to care.
Track Name: Quality Control
Precedence misplaced.
Splinted day by day.
My majority
Accepts mediocrity

Opaque nuances.
Ease clean conscious’s.
Greed is on the breeze.
Indifferent casualties.

You tell me to tell the truth, but what the fuck is truth to you?
I’ll answer to what I’ve done but that’s the difference between me and you.
As for the rest there’s no sympathy you had your chance and did nothing.
Drown in the shit storm you created.
Payback is a goddam painful motherfucking cunt-rash of a bitch
Track Name: Feel It Like A Heart Attack
To hate is to feel alive, you're just another face to me/
Creating to be in your own light is just another place to breath/

Dislocate the expiration date curdle then commiserate
You got a hold now I do what I’m told squalid souls bring solid gold.

Decollate. Guillotine. Stumble off the mezzanine/
Misconstrue another joke, another lie has been revoked/
As Paranoia Sirens Sing, suppositions can begin/


The past is lethargic I cannot control
The farce is catharsis I’m losing my soul

Moscow's son ain't right for you
Twenty years left to undo
Never ending penitent. Hide from the sun.
You can’t please everyone

Hollow. Harrowed. Crumbling.
Reason falters, descent begins
One more time you’ve clarified that desolation’s on my side/
With palpitations wearing thin the arrhythmia’s now kicking in/